Antoine Allard wins Erdős–Rényi prize

The Dynamica Research Lab is proud to announce that the Network Science Society has awarded the prestigious Erdős–Rényi Prize to Antoine Allard for:

“The breadth and depth of his contributions to modeling complex systems as networks, including the geometry of networks and the role of heterogeneity and superspreading in contemporary diseases and complex contagions.”

The Erdős–Rényi Prize, awarded annually to a young scientist under 40, recognizes exceptional theoretical or experimental contributions that advance the interdisciplinary field of network science. The prize, which includes a $3,000 cash award and a personalized plaque, was presented to Antoine during a special session on the final day of NetSci2024, where he also delivered a lecture titled Simplicity meets complexity: Reproducing complex connectivity patterns with simple models, presenting some of his recent research.