Dynamica's exceptional participation at NetSci2024

The Dynamica Research Lab showcased outstanding involvement in the International School and Conference on Network Science, the premier event in the field. This year’s edition was co-organized by Antoine Allard and alumnus Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, with alumni Jean-Gabriel Young as Program Chair and Guillaume St-Onge as School & Satellite Chair. Additionally, Patrick Desrosiers and colleague Nicolas Doyon organized a focus session on Neuroscience.

The entire lab actively attended the conference, along with many of our close collaborators. This strong participation was underscored by presentations from numerous members of the Dynamica Research Lab, including Ilhem Bouderbala, Benjamin Claveau, Antoine Légaré, Jérémi Lesage, Simon Lizotte, Olivier Ribordy, François Thibault, Vincent Thibeault, and Zahra Yazdani. For more details, you can view the slides and posters here.