New publication in Physical Review Letters

The latest contribution of Dynamica has just been published in Physical Review Letters alongside its companion paper in Physical Review E, entitled Social Confinement and Mesoscopic Localization of Epidemics on Networks and Master equation analysis of mesoscopic localization in contagion dynamics on higher-order networks respectively.

These articles provide a theoretical characterization of mesoscopic localization, the localization of a dynamics in certain groups, in the context of contagions on networks. The letter, furthermore, investigates the impact of localized epidemics on structural interventions, where groups above a certain size are removed, akin to forbidding events or gathering involving a certain number of people. This lays the foundation for a better comprehension of the impact of nonpharmaceutical interventions, ultimately helping us control epidemics.

Links to the full text and preprints are available on the publication page.