Habemus novum Doctor : Jean-Luc Déziel

Jean-Luc Déziel has successfully defended his thesis work on the 23rd of Novembre (see the Abstract here) and has been highly praised for his dedication and originality in completing his research on ‘‘Formation et auto-organisation de plasma induit par impulsions laser intenses dans un milieu diélectrique’’ (Plasma formation and self-organisation in a dielectric medium induced by short intense laser pulses). The team of examiners was composed of Louis J. Dubé (dir., Physics, U. Laval), Charles Varin (co-dir. Physics, Cégep de l’Outaouais, Gatineau (Québec), Michel Piché (Physics, U. Laval), Younès Messaddeq (Physics, U. Laval)], and François Vidal (Plasma Physics, INRS) who served as external referee.

Jean-Luc is the last member of the Photonics branch of Dynamica. He is to be congratulated for bringing his studies to completion despite the competing demands of his full time occupation as a research scientist at LeddarTech, a company involved in sensor technologies whose goal is to enable autonomous driving through environmental sensing. His present occupations are to conceive and train artificial neural networks to safely reach the designated goal. A loss for us, a win for AI …

The final version of the thesis is available here.