New publication in Physical Review Research

The latest contribution of Dynamica has just been published in Physical Review Research.

The paper entitled Threefold way to the dimension reduction of dynamics on networks: An application to synchronization addresses a difficult problem: predicting the impact of network topology and dynamics on the evolution of the states of complex systems and, especially, on the emergence of collective phenomena, such as synchronization. A new method of Dimension Reduction, called DART, is developed to map high-dimensional dynamics unto low-dimensional ones while preserving the most salient features, both topological and dynamical, of the original system. The authors identify three major reduction procedures whose relative accuracy depends on whether the evolution of the states is mainly determined by the intrinsic dynamical parameters W, the degree sequence K, or the adjacency matrix A. DART is successfully used, for instance, to predict the synchronization curves for three phase dynamics (Winfree, Kuramoto, theta) on networks with heterogeneous and modular structures.

Links to the full text and preprint are available on the publication page.