Network section at NetSci

Three members from the network section will represent Dynamica at NetSci this year.

The conference will be held in Seoul from May 30 to June 3, at the K-Hotel conference center.

Charles Murphy will present his latest results on spatial networks in a talk entitled “Time-Dependent Spatial Growth of Complex Networks”. The talk is scheduled on Thursday, June 2 at 11:55. He will introduce a new class of growth processes for spatial networks, where connection probabilities depend both on distance and time. Among other things, Charles will show that the model is analytically tractable, and that one can obtain scale-free spatial networks for particular values of the parameters.

Guillaume St-Onge will present a poster entitled “Co-evolution of Growth and Dynamics on Network”.Posters will be displayed for two days, from Wednesday to Thursday, and a poster session will be held on Wednesday night. This should leave ample opportunity to read the poster and discuss with Guillaume. In his poster, Guillaume presents a novel growth process for complex networks, in which growth mechanisms are restrained to certain subsets of nodes. This set of nodes changes dynamically through time. He shows that this growth process can lead, for instance, to preferential attachment.

Finally, I will present my latest work on the Stochastic Block Model in a satellite session, on Thursday (Statistical Inference for Networks Model), as well as in a lightning talk on Friday. I will discuss the detectability limit, and its analog in the finite size regime. Among other things, I will present a statistical explanation of the limit (independent from any algorithms), and approximation methods to compute the boundaries of the undetectable region. I will also connect graph transformations to the symmetries of the undetectable region.

Head over to the publication page to see the abstracts of each contribution in full.