Two new papers from the Networks division

The latest contributions of the Networks section are now available in the December issue of Physical Review E.

In the first paper, entitled “Complex networks as an emerging property of hierarchical preferential attachment”, we introduce an unifying principle that explains many real-world properties of complex networks, such as scale independence, clustering, fractality, and navigability.

It builds upon simple models such as the Structural Preferential Attachment (SPA) principle, and the classical PA model of Barabási and Albert.

In the second contribution, entitled “General and exact approach to percolation on random graphs”, we proposes a comprehensive and versatile theoretical framework to study site, bond and hybrid percolation on clustered and correlated random graphs.

It encompasses most of the models published to this day as special cases, and will help model structural properties not yet considered in the literature.

The full texts are available on the Publications page.