Member to attend Santa Fe Institute's 2015 Complex Systems

Jean-Gabriel YOUNG has been selected to attend the 2015 edition of the Complex Systems Summer School organized by the Santa Fe Institute. The summer school will be held in Santa Fe, NM from June 7 to July 3. Congratulations are in order. Here is an excerpt from the letter of acceptance highlighting the importance of the honour bestowed upon another member of the group (after Antoine Allard in 2011 and Laurent Hébert-Dufresne in 2012) :

“ … Out of more than 300 students (about 5 applicants for each seat) you have been selected based on your academic credentials, eclectic research agenda, and evidence of transdisciplinary interests.

Selected participants come from all over the world and represent a wide range of disciplines. The Institute’s CSSS is our flagship educational program, now twenty-five years old. Many of our alumni tell us that participation in the program has had a major, sustained impact on their academic and professional careers, including membership in a research network of outstanding collaborators at the cutting edge of science.”