Dr. Antoine Allard

It is with great pride that we announce that Antoine Allard has successfully defended his thesis entitled “Percolation sur graphes aléatoires – modélisation et description analytique” (Percolation on Random Graphs – modeling and analytic description), and has therefore been awarded the title of Philosophiae Doctor (Ph. D.).

After careful study of his thesis, the four examiners have been unanimous in granting the highest overall mark–excellent in all counts. Dr. Allard’s name will soon be added to the Tableau d’Honneur (Board of Honour) of the Faculté des Études Supérieures et Post-doctorales (Graduate School). The final version of his thesis will be available from the theses page in the very near future.

It has been a pleasure to discover the world of Network Science with Antoine, one of the first two collaborators with Dr. Pierre-André Noël in our Networks Section. His talents have matured over the years and his scientific contributions have always been inspired by a sense of rigour and a search for generality. His thesis is a vibrant testimony of the depth and breadth of his work. We wish him continuing success in his research in tune with his undeniable scientific (and human) qualities.

Dr. Allard will soon be pursuing his research as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Prof. Marian Boguna’s group at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.