Of colloquia and the end of an era

It is a pleasure to announce that Jean-Gabriel Young and myself, Joey Dumont, have held our Master’s colloquia. The former brilliantly exposed his latest work, On the Detection of the Community Structure of Complex Networks , wherein he discussed a generalized theoretical framework for the study of community detection algorithms. For more information, see the attached notice (in French).

As for myself, I discussed the modelization of optical devices with the use of scattering methods and applied these methods to the study of bidimensional microcavities and of radiating structures. Once again, more details can be found in the notice (also in French).

Here at Université Laval, a Master’s colloquium is a rather informal event where the graduate student publicly presents his or her work before a panel of judges. Because this occurs before the thesis is shown to the judges (or even written), their task is not to evaluate the student, but to provide him or her with some last advice before the conclusion of his/her graduate work. These colloquia thus represent the beginning of the end for Mr. Young and I.