Frank Vollmer (MPI for the Science of Light) will visit Dynamica between the 14th to 17th of Novembre.

The world-renowned biosensor par excellence Dr. Vollmer will be presenting 2 talks in the Physics Department: a general public Colloquium (15 Nov.) entitled “Resonator-based Biosensing and Light Localization” as well as a more technical Seminar (16 Nov.) on “Microcavity Biosensors: Application of a label-free microsystem biodetection technology”. More details can be found here.
He will also take the opportunity to discuss new projects with the Photonics section of Dynamica and meet a number of colleagues interested in biosensing in the greater Québec area. He will end his trip on the 18th of Novembre with a visit to our Montréal collaborators at Ecole Polytechnique and McGill.